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Create fresh and relevant content

Text Extender

Extend text

Content Rephraser

Rephrase or Paraphrase content

FAQs Generator

Generate frequently asked questions

Headline Generator

Generate headline

Blog Ideas Generator

Generate blog ideas

Meta Description Generator

Blog meta description

Blog Insights Generator

Insights for blog

Fact Checker

Check content for factual accuracy

Content Claim Detection

Check content for false claims

Headline Intro Generator

Generate an intro for any headline

Product Description Generator

Describe your product better

Product Review Generator

Review your product

AIDA Copywriting Framework Generator

AIDA framework

BAB Copywriting Framework Generator

BAB framework

PAS Copywriting Framework Generator

PAS framework

FAB Copywriting Framework Generator

FAB framework

Content Readability Improver

Explain like I’m 5

Video Description Generator

Description for video

Sales Email Generator

Sales Emails

Paragraph Shredder

Shred Paragraph into consumable stuff

Keywords to Text Generator

Generate text from keywords

Bullets to Text Generator

Generate text from bullet points

Plagiarism Checker

Check content for originality

Write More

Keep writing

Blog Intro Generator

Introduction for your blog

Content Expander

AI completes your words

Instruct AI Prompt

Command AI to do your bidding

Writer's Block Remover

Stuck? Bye bye writer’s block!

Synopsis Generator

Generate a brief summary

Summary Generator

Generate summary for long text

Bullet Points Generator

Generate bullet points

Semantic SEO Score Generator

Topically relevant content score

Facts Generator

Relevant facts on a topic

Listicle Generator

List based on a topic

Blog Outline Generator

Outline for your blog

Conclusion Generator

Final thoughts on your blog

Local Services Description Generator

Winning description for your Local Services

Custom Template Generator

Create any template for your use case

Talking Points Generator

Create discussion points for your sub-headings

Tone Transformer (earlier Edit Copy)

Edit your whole copy in one go.

G2 Review Generator

Generate reviews for G2

Repurpose Content Feature

Repurpose Content: Create once, publish everywhere.

What is the Source of Truth?

Upload your content using the Source of Truth

LongShot Chat

Create humanlike conversational dialogue backed by verified facts from reliable sources.

What is the History and Feedback feature inside LongShot?

History and Feedback features inside LongShot

What do you mean by Excluded keywords for various standalone features?

Excluded keywords for various standalone features