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Getting Started (Tutorial)

Check out these videos to get started with LongShot AI

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Brand Voice

Create perfectly on brand content from YOUR data

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Content Optimization

Optimize your content for better reach and high authority

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Basic of getting started at LongShot AI

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LongShot plans and pricing

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LongShot factual features enable users to create fresh, authentic, fact-checked content.

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Use API to unleash the power of Generative AI directly on your platform

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AutoBlog Workflows

The easiest way to create high-quality, factually accurate, long-form content drafts in 3 clicks.

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Integrate with your favorite everyday content creation tools to improve functionality.

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Manage Docs

Learn how to manage your LongShot-generated docs.

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Manage Team

Learn how to manage your team from the perspective of an admin account.

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Manage Subscription

Manage your LongShot subscription better…

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Other plans and miscellaneous information

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