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Getting Started (Tutorial)

Get Started

#1 Dashboard Walkthrough

Check LongShot's dashboard walkthrough to get started on creating factual content.

#2 LongShot Projects

Learn about LongShot projects (similar to folders) for the private and team modes.

#3 Settings

Learn more about the various LongShot settings in this video.

#4 Team Mode

Enable the Team mode to collaborate with your teammates on different content pieces in real-time.

#5 FactGPT

Explore LongShot's FactGPT to create content on the latest topics and events.

#6 Chat

Explore LongShot Chat to create humanlike conversational dialogue backed by verified facts.

#7 Editor + Docs

Learn how to make the most of the LongShot Editor and Docs for creating factual content.

#8 Semantic SEO

How to Effectively Analyze Your Blog's SEO Performance with LongShot AI

#9 Workflows

Use LongShot Workflows to craft factually accurate content drafts in 3 clicks.

#10 Advanced AutoBlog (Earlier Wizard)

Check the LongShot Wizard to generate long-form content from scratch.

#11 Repurpose Template

Use LongShot Repurpose templates to create a content multiverse by creating many content pieces from one.

#12 All Templates

Explore LongShot's standalone templates to generate quality short-form content.

#13 APIs

Use LongShot API to generate factual content directly on your platform.

#14 What to do after creating a Blog?

Explore other features after creating a blog.

#15 Setting Your Brand Voice in LongShot AI

Wondering how to set and maintain a consistent brand voice across your content using LongShot AI? Let's dive into how you can achieve this with ease and precision