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What to do after creating a Blog?

Explore other features after creating a blog.

Just writing a high-quality blog is not enough. The real game is in optimizing that content for the web.


We at LongShot provide you with multiple content optimization features helping you automate your optimization process and saving your multiple hours.


After you generate a blog in LongShot-

  1. Move to SEO Checker to improve your semantic seo score in one-click.
  1. Then, explore Fact Check & Cite to verify the factual accuracy of your content and improve your credibility.
  1. One of the distinguishing optimization feature of LongShot is AI Interlinking. Use this feature to create automatic internal links in your blog and improve your user experience.
  1. Although LongShot ensures 100% originality in it’s generated content, you can still check for plagiarism in LongShot’s in-app Plagiarism Checker.
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