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Semantic SEO

How to Effectively Analyze Your Blog's SEO Performance with LongShot AI

To ensure your blog is optimized for search engines, LongShot AI offers a straightforward way to check its SEO score. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Navigate to the SEO Checker: This feature is designed to evaluate your blog's search engine optimization comprehensively.
  1. Import or Input Your Content: You have the option to either import a document or directly input the text of your blog into the tool.
  1. Enter Your Blog's Topic: Providing the specific topic of your blog allows LongShot AI to tailor the SEO analysis to your content's context.
  1. Initiate the SEO Check: Once you've entered your content and topic, simply click on 'Check SEO'. LongShot AI will then process your blog, evaluating various aspects of SEO.
  1. Review and Improve Your Semantic SEO Score: The tool not only gives you a semantic SEO score but also offers improvement opportunities for your content by comparing your content with top-ranking pages and competitors. This comparison provides valuable feedback on how well your blog aligns with SEO best practices and where it stands in relation to key competitors. You can improve your SEO Score by applying the adding the suggested content in one-click.

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