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BotShot FAQs

What is LongShot BotShot?

About BotShot

What do you mean by a no-code chatbot?

Meaning of no-code chatbot

How to create a Bot with LongShot?

Creating a Custom Bot

Which language models does BotShot use or support?

BotShot LLM model

Can I create my custom chatbot using LongShot?

Custom Chatbot

Does LongShot’s chatbot require coding experience?

Do I need prior coding experience to set up the chatbot?

What are the benefits of using BotShot?

How many Bots can I create or generate?

How many bots can I create?

What all knowledge sources can I add to my Bot?

Knowledge sources for chatbot

How do I add the BotShot-generated custom code on my platform?

How to add the code to the website?

How are my credits calculated for BotShot?

BotShot credits calculation

Who can use BotShot?

BotShot is available to which users?

How many URLs or Domains can you add in BotShot?

Number of URLs or Domains that can be added with BotShot

How big a file can I upload as my knowledge source?

File size for the knowledge source

In a team, can everyone create their own bot?

Who can create a bot in team?

I want to create a Bot that answers questions about my business for my users when I’m unavailable. How do I do it?

Create a bot for your business

How is the credit usage calculated for the BotShot?

Calculating the credit usage for Bot

How does privacy and security work with BotShot?

Tackling Privacy and security concerns about BotShot

Can I see what my users are searching as queries inside the chatbot?

Accessing user’s chatbot queries