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How to create a Bot with LongShot?

Creating a Custom Bot

You can create an interactive no-code Chatbot with LongShot in 3 easy steps.


TL;DR? Check this video instead or follow the steps below.


1. Configure your Bot

Input configuration details like the Bot's name, description, welcome message for the reader, website domain (if any), and brand colors.


2. Add knowledge source to your Bot

Next, select a knowledge source for the Bot among the SERP, own content (file), external URL, or domain.


3. Save your Bot and copy the script

Once that is done, save your Bot and copy and paste the generated script.


So, with the help of an embedded script, you can effortlessly craft your very own AI chatbot and integrate it into your website within minutes.


You can build your custom chatbot here here.


You can check this Showcase to learn more.

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