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I want to create a Bot that answers questions about my business for my users when I’m unavailable. How do I do it?

Create a bot for your business

You can easily create a custom AI no-code chatbot for your brand. All you need to do is decide about the knowledge source for your bot; the resource which contains answers. There are 4 sources you can choose from:

  • Own Files: You can create a document where you can input everything about your company: products, FAQs, policies, etc., and upload this doc. Users can then ask questions and get answers without manual interventions.
  • URL: The second way is to create a webpage (which is basically a URL), which can be taken as a knowledge source. You simply add the said URL where all answers are available. You can add 5 URLs for a bot.
  • Domain: You can also choose a domain as your knowledge source.
  • SERP: Finally, you have the SERP (search engine results page), which is basically the top results available on Google. So, if you choose SERP as your knowledge source, your users can get answers to their queries backed by verified sources. It’s like your own ChatGPT for your website.

After choosing your source, simply create a code with a button’s click. Next, you copy and paste it on websites footer code section before publishing, and voila!

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