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#14 What to do after creating a Blog?

Explore other features after creating a blog.

After creating content using any AutoBlog Workflows, you can further expand and optimize your content. Here are a few ways.

  1. Semantic SEO Score

On the right-hand panel, under the Performance tab, you can check your content’s Semantic SEO Score to further improve your content. Click here to learn more.

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  1. In-Editor Features

These features are visible after selecting text or using the forward slash symbol / either on a new line or at the end of a line to open the AI Menu. This opens up an array of features that can be used to further create and optimize content. See the image below for reference.

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  1. Research
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The research tab allows you to view the sub-headlines from the top-ranking articles for your topic. This allows you to see what your competitors are writing for the same topic. Based on that idea, you can write on similar sub-topics. In addition, you can also see the top questions on Google, Quora, and Reddit for the same topic. Fact Sheets allow you to check the top backlinks and facts that your competitors have used for the same topic.

  1. Popular Keywords
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This feature lets you see the suggested popular keywords related to your topic. You can also see how often you’ve used the keywords in your article. Based on this, you can fill gaps and write more for specific keywords using in-editor features.

  1. Top Panel for Formatting
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This part allows you to format your content. You can also save, export, and even share the link of your content. You can also find 4 in-editor features here (highlighted in purple). You can use these features to generate content.

  1. Semrush Integration
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This feature is similar to the Popular keywords feature, except it allows you to see your selected keywords from Semrush. You can use those selected keywords and create content using the in-editor features.

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