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What are Articles in LongShot AI?

LongShot Autoblogs and calculation of number of articles.

In LongShot AI, when we talk about "articles," we are referring to the content that you create using various autoblog workflows. These workflows are essentially templates or guides designed to help you generate different types of long-form blog content efficiently and effectively.

What is an Article in LongShot AI?

An article in LongShot AI is the content produced through autoblog workflows. LongShot provides several award-winning workflows, including:

  • Listicle: Ideal for creating bulleted or numbered lists.
  • Pillar: Designed for comprehensive, in-depth content that covers all aspects of a topic.
  • How-to Guide: Perfect for step-by-step instructional content.

When is an Article Counted?

An article is counted towards your monthly limit when the blog draft generation process begins. If you start creating an article but stop before this process starts, it won't count as an article used.

How Many Articles Can You Generate?

Each subscription plan in LongShot AI allows you to generate a certain number of articles each month. Check our pricing page for more details.

Need More Articles?

If you find that you need more articles than your plan allows, LongShot AI offers the option to purchase additional articles through Addons. This way, you can continue creating content without any interruptions.

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