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What is LTD Bundle Pass (LTD Pro Future)?

A description of the things LTD Pro Future users get with the LTD Bundle Pass


The LTD Bundle Pass is special pack of features and bonuses created for LongShot’s LTD users.


Here’s what you get with the LTD Bundle Pass:

  • Access to Advanced Integrations
  • Access to Factual features, including FactGPT, Fact Checker, Claim Detection, 1-click SERP aware button, and LongShot Chat
  • File upload limit = 30
  • FUP Increase
  • Additional credits (per month) = 500 (or 6000 annual credits, all at once)
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • 5 seats

Though the LTD Bundle pass costs ~$90 per month, it’s available at a huge discount.

The Bundle pass is available at $19/m (paid monthly), or $9/m (paid annually; $108).
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