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What are Public templates?

LongShot Public templates

Public templates are the list of templates created by users for the community.


Consider this scenario, suppose you’ve generated perfect templates for your use case, and you wish to share the same with the community. You can easily do the same with a button’s click, and make your selected custom templates accessible to the community.


Following are some of the Public templates available for use case.

  • Excuses Generator
  • Dessert Recipe Generator
  • Email Subject Line Generator
  • Pros and Cons Generator
  • Passive to Active Voice Generator
  • Answer Generator
  • Business Ideas Generator
  • Definition Generator
  • Analogy Generator
  • Fan Dancer Copywriting Formula
  • LinkedIn Long Post Generator
  • Twitter Thread Generator
  • Lead Gen Email Generator
  • Promotional LinkedIn Post Generator
  • Executive Summary Generator
  • Promotional Email Generator
  • Q&A Generator
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