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What are the various use cases available with the LongShot Chrome Extension?

LongShot Chrome extension use cases

LongShot AI goes far beyond the regular writing assistants, offering completely new capabilities through its Chrome extension:

  1. Long-Rephraser: Rephrase 100s of words in one go for any website from your browser. Simply select the text (at least 100 words) and watch the AI rephrase it.
  1. Joom-In Text: Insert text by positioning your cursor between two sentences or paragraphs without losing context. The unique thing about this feature is that it considers the context for both the prefix and suffix of the selected content. It helps fill any content gaps without compromising any content flow.
  1. Joom-Out Text: Summarize selected paragraph(s) up to 3000 characters. Just select the text you wish to summarize and watch the AI do its thing.
  1. Tone: Customize the content tone to your liking by trying different styles, such as optimistic, angry, or humorous. If you are feeling adventurous, you can ask the AI to generate content in the style of Spiderman, Elon Musk, or Joe Rogan.

You can generate content using these features on any website or platform of your choice.

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