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What are LongShot runs?

Understanding LongShot credits

If you're using LongShot AI, you might have come across the term "runs". Let's break down what this means in a simple way.

What is a Run?

Imagine you have a toolbox, and each tool can perform a specific task. In LongShot AI, a "run" is similar to using one of these tools to complete a task. Every time you use a feature like the fact check, content planner, SEO checker, or repurpose tool, it counts as one run. So, basically, a run is the number of times you use these features to do something.

How Many Runs Do You Get?

Depending on the plan you choose, you get a certain number of runs each month:

  • Freelancer Plan: You get 100 runs per month.
  • Team Plan: You get 500 runs per month.
  • Agency Plan: You get 2000 runs per month.
  • Pay As You Go Plan: You get 150 runs in total.

Need More Runs?

If you find yourself needing more runs, LongShot AI makes it easy to buy extra. This is done through something called Addons, where you can purchase additional runs as needed.

That's it! Runs are just the times you use LongShot AI's features to complete actions. Each plan offers a different number of runs to suit various needs, and you can always get more if required.

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