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Can I use the Integration if I don't have an active Semrush subscription?

Use Integration without paid Semrush

If you don't have a paid Semrsuh subscription, you can still use it on LongShot for Keyword Research and SERP Analysis.


Semrush's free account allows you to run ten daily credits on LongShot with restrictions on some features. Let’s see what you can and cannot access for Semrush’s free account. Can access: With the free Semrush account, you can research 50 keywords per day for broad match keywords. When you research a keyword, you get at least 10 results for that keyword. You can generate up to 50 results for the same keyword. But if you decide to divide them up, you can generate 10 results each for 5 different keywords or maybe a combination of 20-20-10 or 30-20, based on your preference. This way, you can generate a keyword list for at least 5 different keywords per day.


Cannot access: With the free Semrush account, you cannot access the complete SERP analysis section. In addition, some aspects of the keyword research section (Related and Questions) aren’t available too. For full access, please switch to any Semrush paid plan.

Users with a paid Semrush subscription don't have to worry about any usage restrictions.
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