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What are LongShot credits?

Understanding LongShot credits

Last updated on August 22, 2022

A LongShot credit is a token used to generate content using various features and integrations on the LongShot app.


One LongShot credit can generate around 50 to 55 words. Every time some content is generated or you conduct research, you consume a certain number of credits.


You can check your credit usage inside your account settings or on the left-hand panel of the app dashboard. It will show you the number of credits consumed and your total number of credits. Please check the image for reference.

Notion image

The two paid plans, the Pro and Team plans offer 1000 (50K words) and 3000 credits (150K words) per month, respectively. If you wish to experience LongShot before purchasing, you can also access the Basic plan (free forever), which offers ten daily credits (~500 daily words or 15,000 per month).


If you ever run out of credits, you can easily top up for as low as $5.

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