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Does it cost anything to add members to my team?

Team seat(s) price.

You can only add team members to your Team and Custom plans.

You can add unlimited users on the Custom plan and up to 10 members on the Team plan.


You get 2 complimentary seats when you purchase the Team plan; one admin and one member seat. To add more members, you need to purchase additional seats.


Adding members depends on whether you subscribed to a monthly or annual plan. You can purchase a seat at $39/month/member if you choose the monthly option. But if you select an annual plan, you need to pay just $19/month/member to add additional members. You can purchase seats by clicking on Update Seats and adding members' seats per your preference.


For the Team plan, you can add a maximum of 8 additional seats (2 complimentary + 8 paid = 10 total seats). If you want additional seats, please reach out to us at

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