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Social Media Content Recipe

Generate social media posts that your followers love using LongShot's social media post recipe.


Social media content refers to the information published on social media platforms in text, images, videos, and other forms of content. It is not only about your product but also about branding through education and inspiration, eventually leading to better sales.

Recipe to writing social media posts using LongShot

LongShot offers many features you can use to generate content for your social media platforms. These include:

LongShot features you can use:

Please note that most LongShot features are button oriented, meaning you just need to input the command and click on the respective button to generate results.

  1. LongShot Ideas Generator Now you never have to experience writer’s block when you’re looking to create social media post ideas. You can literally generate a ton of ideas for your social media posts with a click of a button using LongShot’s Ideas generator.
  1. LongShot Instruct Prompt

This is where you instruct the AI to write as per your command. This feature will get the job done if you want some cool quotes, maybe a cool listicle, a paragraph, a headline, etc.

Step: Input the command inside the Instruct prompt and generate. For instance, if you wish to generate three quotes of something, write the following command and click generate.

  • Write three quotes on *topic*

Similarly, you can command other tasks, like

  • Write a short phrase about *title*
  • Write a 2 line story ad idea for *brand*
  • Write 3 bullet points on *topic or situation*
  1. LongShot Headline Generator

This is where you can generate cool headlines for your social media content.

Step: Select the standalone headline feature and input the headline, description, and style (CTA, Descriptive, Listicle) for AI to share headline suggestions.

  1. LongShot Headline Intro Generator

This is one of the easiest ways to generate a paragraph for your social media content.

Step: Select the standalone headline intro feature and input the topic or headline you wish to write. AI will generate three results. You can choose the best result or collate from the best parts of the results. You can also regenerate content till you're satisfied.

  1. LongShot AIDA Copywriting Generator

You can grab people's attention and pique their interests by fulfilling their desires to know more and asking them to take action.

Step: Select the standalone Marketing copy feature and select the AIDA framework. Input the requirements as suggested by AI and have yourself a perfect social post copy.

Similarly, you can also use copywriting frameworks like BAB (before-after-bridge), PAS (problem-agitate-solution), and FAB (features-advantages-benefits) generators to produce a perfect social post.

  1. LongShot Tone Customizer

Social media content works well if it sounds polarising. You need to loosen up and try to be a little controversial. You can generate results during the tools shared above and customize its tone to achieve the objective.

Step: Input the content for which you wish to customize the tone and select the style output for AI to do its thing.

  1. LongShot Summary Generator

This feature works wonders if you wish to repurpose your blog post for other social platforms like Quora and LinkedIn.

Step: After writing or pasting your blog post inside the LongShot editor, you can generate a blog summary for your social accounts by clicking the generate button. You can copy and paste your content to the editor before generating a content summary.


You can easily create a week's worth of social media posts, including headlines and posts for a company or product.

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