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How-To Guide Recipe

Generate a how-to guide using the LongShot how-to guide recipe.


A how-to blog post is a blog post that provides step-by-step instructions on how to do something. This can be anything from how to make a cake to how to start a business.

How-to blog posts are popular because they provide readers with valuable information that can enrich their lives. As for the writer, it helps improve their authority and credibility.

Recipe / Steps to writing a How-To Guide with LongShot

  • Step 0: Research!

The first step in writing any How-To Guide is researching. It involves researching keywords/queries the users are searching on the web. In addition, you can do competitor research to find if their solutions are satisfactory and write your content accordingly.

LongShot Features you can use:

  1. Research feature inside LongShot Blog Wizard
  1. LongShot x Semrush integration (coming soon)
  • Step 1: Creating a Title / Headline (H1)

Come up with a catchy headline that accurately reflects your post's content. It needs to be clear and concise, so no problem if it sounds boring.

LongShot Feature you can use:

  1. LongShot Headline feature
  • Step 2: Introduction

This is where you write a brief introduction explaining what readers will learn from your post. You can introduce your topic through a personal story or by describing the end result. You can also mention why you're writing this how-to guide and how it can help your reader.

LongShot Features you can use:

  1. Generate Blog Intro
  1. Headline Intro Generator
  • Step 3: Content Body

Your instructions must be easy to understand; you don't want to confuse your readers. So, keep it stupidly simple. Include all the necessary steps, and break them down into easy-to-follow steps.

You can proceed by diving your content into WHAT, WHY, and HOW.

  • The 'What' discusses things about the topic and what it's not.
  • The 'Why' describes why the topic matters and why the reader should look into it.
  • The 'How' includes clear step-by-step instructions. Each step should be its own paragraph with accompanying images, if applicable. Also, include examples or links to relevant resources.

LongShot Features you can use:

  1. Write More Feature
  1. Headline Intro Generator
  1. Instruct AI Feature
  1. Writer's Block Remover / Unstuck Me
  1. Semantic SEO Score Generator
  1. Personalized Content Generator
  • Step 4: Conclusion

End your how-to guide with a compelling summary or conclusion and add a call-to-action [CTA], if any.

LongShot Feature you can use:

  1. Conclusion Generator
  • Step 5: Meta Description

It's a wise option to add content metadata if you focus on getting organic traffic to your target. And why not? People are always looking for solutions on the web, so you have to be available.

LongShot Feature you can use:

  1. Meta Description Generator
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