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What is LongShot Chat?

Learn how LongShot’s Chat enable you to create humanlike conversational factual dialogue.

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LongShot's Factual Chat - the ultimate tool for creating humanlike conversational dialogue that's engaging and backed by verified facts from reliable sources.


With a factual Chat, you can now have meaningful conversations while ensuring accuracy and credibility.


You can enable memory to keep the conversation going based on the AI output from earlier responses (up to 10), or you can disable it and start a conversation on different aspects of the topic.


You also have 3 modes to choose from, including

  • SERP (which generates results based on the top results on Google),
  • Uploaded file (which generates results based on your own content), and
  • URL (which generates results based on the URL(s) that you share)

You can create as many conversations as you want, which you can refer to on the left-hand side, as shown in the image below.

Notion image
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